Perfectly Southern™ Perfect Sauce
The perfect signature sauce for chicken dipping, Perfect Sauce is a combination of mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcestershire and seasonings blended into a creamy savory sauce. They’ll come back for more.

Perfectly Southern™ Honey Mustard Sauce
This classic yellow honey mustard sauce provides just the right blend of sweet and tart for a delicious dipping experience.

Perfectly Southern™ Honey BBQ Sauce
This sweet and spicy BBQ sauce has a rich flavor and a little kick of spice to keep things interesting. This is one of the favorite sauces in the all-star lineup.

Perfectly Southern™ Ranch Sauce
Ideal for Hot & Spicy Chicken Tenders, the flavorful mayonnaise, buttermilk, onion, garlic and chive combination of Perfectly Southern™ Ranch Sauce is a great match for cutting the heat of a spicy chicken tender and makes a great sauce for dipping fries, corn, or wings.

Perfectly Southern™ Cocktail Sauce
This classic Southern-style cocktail sauce with horseradish, lemon and herbs is ideal for shrimp and catfish. It’s a great sauce to round out the line of Perfectly Southern™ Dipping Sauces